Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pages from a book

I have found a lot of things to do with pages from a old book latley! I seriously want to try every one of these!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I LOVE my Pintrest account ! Because of these snazzy little hair-do's, I have been growing out my hair, and practicing on my self and daughter daily! One day, it will look good enough for me to wear in public!! Hopefully soon!

1st set of Before and Afters!

After gaining more weight then I would like to admit to with my pregnancy's, I have finally been embarrassed, and uncomfortable long enough! I am 3 months in to a complete lifestyle change, and finally seeing some results! I hardly take photos from the shoulders down so I dont have a whole lot to compare to. I see a difference in my face the most! down 25 from this before photo, but gots lots more to go!

proving my self wrong at 4am

I wrote this late last night, hit publish, and still did not feel any closure. I was restless and needed a way to prove to myself I am not as broken as I felt.
The got out of bed and started to look in the mirror. I started trimming my bangs, and curling my hair. I thought my new-do looked great until I saw how washed out my face was! A little primping later, and for whatever reason, I felt better ;)

I took a photo to remember the moment, and went back to bed! I uploaded a couple to my facebook and woke up to a lot of wonderful support! If they only knew the demons I was fighting last night..

But, today is a new day, and I feel better seeing the support of dear friends!

Finding my self by baring my insecurities

I guess my childhood was an anomaly. I was raised by single father who was battling alcoholism, a drug addiction, and over whelmed by raising me and my twin sister. The idea that a mother would walk out on her daughters is shocking enough to the cultural opinions, but even more devastating to two 4 year old girls wondering what they did to push their own mother away. Even at a very young age I owned full responsibility for being a twin and causing twice as much care and attention then a single child did. It was my fault, and I knew it.

Our mother was a figment of what we saw in movies and cartoons. We knew nothing about her, but imagine what a great mother she would of been. We knew what maternal instincts where was by watching Step By Step, Cosby, and Family Matters. Full House is still dear to me. I only wished my mother had died like the Tanners, then know she chose to leave.

Our father tried to teach us to be responsible among other things, but he had no clue as to what it is to be a woman, about the nature of femininity and how to help his daughters learn how to express it. I had no clue what a period was until I had my first one. Bras where not bought until a aunt took pity on us and bought some beyond the point of us needing them. Our hair was kept short for the simplicity of a male not knowing how to place a pony tail. Even at 6 years old I knew you where not to wear tennis shoes with skirts, but I had no way of articulating this to my father. The first day of Kindergarten I tried to hide my feet the entire day. I never wore my favorite jean skirt with purple lace trim again.

At 27, I am still breaking bad habits from growing up in a fathers world. My fingernails are short, and flat from years of biting them to the quick. My mouth is full of large fillings from never being checked after brushing my teeth. I am insecure about picking out a outfit and the majority of the time I never carry a purse. I learned to do my hair and make up form the internet along with everything else. Getting ready for my first high school dance my boyfriends mom realized I had no nylons on and made a quick dash to the super market for me. I could embarrassed myself even more about learning everything on my own, but I think I made my point.

For what ever reason or excuse my mother wants to use, her apology is no longer accepted. I have tried to work on our relationship, and repair the bond that was never built. My hate and anger towards this woman will not let me forgive her for the damage she has cause.

My husband does not understand why I insist he knows how to put a pony tail in our 8 year old's hair. My daughter thinks I am picking on her when I ask her to put something nicer on. My biggest anxiety is to die while my daughter is still young. I do not fear she wouldn't remember me, I worried more she will have the same struggles I continue with. With every passing birthday I feel like we are closer to being in the clear.

In my own embarrassing way I am jealous of my daughter, that she has a mother to do her hair before school, make sure her clothes match, volunteer in her class room, pack a healthy lunch, take her to play dates and birthday parties, show up for mother's day events, snuggle during movies, tuck her in at bed time, and have someone who loves her unconditionally.

In some way I am living vicariously threw my daughter and learning what kind of mother I always wanted, by being the mother I deserved.

When I started this entry, I only wanted to show off my daughters hair. We have been growing out her hair for the last year. Recently I have taught myself how to french braid, again, it was the internet that thought me. After a week, I felt I finally mastered this skill! My heart skipped a beat, when she wanted to go to the neighbors and show it off.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My first trip of couponing ended up being a complete disaster. Check that mess out here . I was excited to see the last store I was in had the new ice cream bar Magnum. You have probably seen the sexy add with Rachel Bilson stuck in traffic, and running on top of cars to break into a ice cream truck!?!
Lucky me, I had a coupon for this amazing piece of heaven ;) I live in the deep south, and yes, shopping at 1am the air is still very hot and muggy. Even if I wanted to share this treat, it would of been a soupy mess by the time I got home. I enjoyed every bite, and counted as a reward for saving so much money! I got home, and unloaded my bags and called it a night.
My husband took my little car to the store this morning vs his gas guzzling Ford f-250. He walked in with a Magnum wrapper. The first words out of my mouth was, "those are sooo good, I had my first one the other night!". His scowl reminded me I forgot to throw away my wrapper ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flooding Advisory

I'm not sure what woke me up first, two kids and a puppy in my bed, the thunderstorm, or my phone going off warning me of flooding in the area. Down here in the deep south the heat causes the thunder and lightening to be the loudest I have ever heard! My whole house rattles, my windows shake, and electricity flickers. At the most intense moments there is hardly a minute between cracks of thunder. After the first 2 hours of non stop frightening weather, we had a break. As the kids and I walked out side to see how much water we had, the rest of the neighborhood was doing the same! Even though we just had a serious storm, it was still in the high 80's outside. Of course my daughter was the first to ask to play in the water ;) Coming from WA, how could I tell her no. Thankfully my neighbors are free spirits also, and let their kids join in. Us moms watched under the protection of the car port, while the girls played in the knee high water. I dont think you could of found happier kids in town at this moment. 

Top Row Left to Right-Elise, Bailey, Parris (my daughter is the one holding the umbrella)
Bottom Row Left to Right-Katelyn and Rylee 

My daughter being the brave one to get soaked first

 My son, the reserved one didnt feel like getting wet and dirty. I love how he took the time to tuck his sweats into his shoes so the bottoms wouldnt get wet ;)

After a couple hours of down pour, our back yard was flooded! 

Seeing rooms like this, make me want to be a kid!

ahhhh.... Sorry, My breath was taken way for a moment! I guess if I cant live in this room, I should try and replcate one for my children :)

I seriously need to take a trip to IKEA, or Home Depot soon! I have a decorating bug so bad, after looking at these rooms! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooking on 3 burners(at the same time!) for the first time in months

For the last 5 years I have either been going to school full time, or working full time. Two years ago, I was working 2 jobs, and being a single parent 5 days a week to our two kidos while my husband was going to Commercial Dive School in Seattle during the week. Oh the sacrifices we make for our familys ;)
Last month I made my mind up and I was going to take the summer off with my kids, and go back to school for Hygiene  Its frustrating to work your ass off all day assisting, running between patients, doing the dentist's job while he grabs another coffee, knowing more about the dental field then a hygienist, and making a fraction of what their spoiled butts make! I couldn't beat them, LITERALLY, I wanted to knock a couple divas out! So in September I am joining them.
I have been a SAHM for the last month and haven't made much more then mac n' cheese, and pb&j's. So where I managed to find the motivation to clean the pool, make my bed, do some laundry, mop the living room, shower and have my hair and make up on before 1pm, exercise, AND cook a actual meal!
I had noodles boiling in one pan, sauce simmering next to it, and veggies on the back burner! My kids where in heaven ;) I just might make pancakes tomorrow and see how long this bug last! 

Best neighbors on the block!

I have officially started couponing, and got some great advice from a blog on where to collect newspaper inserts for free. This couponer recommended printing up flyers and giving them to your neighbors. I got a email form one neighbor telling me she just started to clip, and couldnt give me hers, but would love to get together and share tips! We have been texting non-stop and actually have more in common then trying to save some money! 

I had a happy surprise in the mailbox today, with a envelope stuffed full of clipped coupons!! Not sure who it came from, so I cant even say Thank You. 

"Oh No!! I need GROWN UP help!!"

Why do emergencies happen when you just put soap in your hair? I think this is the sign you are now officially an adult or parent! I don't even shower with the door close anymore. Whats the point? I am guaranteed at lease 2-4 interruptions during my 10 minute shower by half the occupants in my house. This would include the husband and our dog!
Thankfully today's 'emergancy' was just a loud washer. The panic in my 6 year old's voice made me think a piped busted and the laundry room was a foot under water! I was even told to hurry up, that it was about to explode.
For the record, the washer was not even off balance ;) the TV was off so Liam was aware of the sounds coming from the laundry room. Maybe tomorrow I will get time to shave?

Learning how to blog

I now remember why Myspace was so addicting for me. I didn't really talk to many people, and only had 100 friends or so. What kept me on that site for hours on end was being able to customize it and find different layouts and templates! I have filled that void with this site! I have to google just about every thing I want to change, and just making my banner center took hours! I am a beginner on so many levels

Eating uber healthy, blogging, couponing.. my goodness! I have dropped a couple hints to my husband that I will need a newer computer. Mine just inst up to snuff anymore.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Its Raining, Its Pouring

So our little family of 4 made a 3000 mile move from Olympia WA to New Orleans last summer. Only recently did I give up the idea of dropping everything and running back home. I am getting used to the heat and the culture and learning to love this place.
Random little moments make miss Washington the most. When my kids remissness or try to remember details of our previous home is what gets me emotional. Today we had a sudden down pour and my son grabbed the puppy to watch. It was like he never seen rain before and was mesmerized by it.  He had to show the pup and narrate what he saw.  Both of them did not move until the rain had stopped, and the sun was back out.

Something to tell a child everyday!

I love this so much, I think I am going to paint it on a blank canvas for my daughters room! So sweet...

My new favorite snack!!

 I love mine with a cream cheese, smoked turkey, provolone, and onions ;) 

I think I might try this recipe next! 
It looks like cream cheese, spinach leaves, smoked salmon, and onions... a little piece of heave! 

First day of couponing.....

After watching 'Extreme Couponing' and thinking I could easily buy my kids a trip to Disney World after a couple months of clipping, I had a reality check. This is serious business, and not to be taken lightly! I am not sure why I feel so embarrassed to use coupons. Shoot! I have just broken out of my shell enough to use a calculator when I shop, and that's only because I know I am passing as a compulsive texter ;)
This morning I ran down to the gas station to grab a stack Sunday papers, and I found $2 in quarters abandoned in the coin slot. SCORE! I thought my first day was looking up until  a couponing dad thought I was the newspaper lady and seemed a little irritated when I only left 2 papers in the bin.
I waited until Midnight before heading to Walgreens. Half the things on my list where already sold out, so I ended up with 4 tubes of tooth paste, and 6 boxes of cereal. What was supposed to be a steal of $5 ended up being $25. Embarrassed, and not sure where I had made the error, I grabbed my change, receipt and headed to my car.

I bought two boxes of cereal for $5.29 each, and two of the tubes of tooth pasted rang up for over $3. To shy to return cereal and toothpaste to a busy drug store, I left and decided I would drive across town to exchange them. I had to wait a good 10 minutes before the parking lot was clear before making my returns ;) A manager was called, a blush exposed, and I had my $18 back in my pocket!

Todays lesson? No upgrades! When your coupon says "Raisin Bran", and "Colgate Advance Whitening"
 don't think you can get away with adding CRUNCH to your cereal, and MINI BRIGHT STRIPS to your tooth paste.... 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free NeilMed Neti Pot (1)

Click on this link -> NeilMed Neti Pot (1)  and like their face book page! Fill out a address form and get a FREE neti pot!

My first time creating something from fruit!

(Man, I need a better camera!)

Coupon Basics: What Every Couponer Needs to Know | Couponing 101

Coupon Basics: What Every Couponer Needs to Know | Couponing 101

Great info when you are just starting out!

Totally doing this today!

I will have to update you on my progress...

Schick Hydro 3 Razor at CVS, Only $0.50! » The Krazy Coupon Lady

Schick Hydro 3 Razor at CVS, Only $0.50! » The Krazy Coupon Lady

Where to find me!

Myfittnesspal: TisMeMuse

Screen shot 2011-06-18 at 2.00.07 AM » The Krazy Coupon Lady

Screen shot 2011-06-18 at 2.00.07 AM » The Krazy Coupon Lady

Name sake

How can you not smile at this?

Ana White | Build a Easiest Hanging Daybed | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

Ana White | Build a Easiest Hanging Daybed | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans
Some of my all time faviorate decorating blogs!
1. <center><a href=""><img alt="Thrifty and Chic" src="h

Its Sunday! Buying my first newspaper to clip!!

I have been debating on clipping coupons since watching my first episode of 'Extreme Couponing'. 6 months later I have my binder, and ran my printer out of ink! Bring on the savings!!

Why am I still awake at 2:21am

My eyes are dry and lids are heavy. My mind is wondering with trying to figure out how to take the first steps in being a savvy couponer. Not, extreme! I could never see the reason for having 100 bottles of mustard ;) I have been reading all I can on how to be successful, and think I can start with small steps. I clipped my first paper 3 days ago, and bought a binder with baseball card sleeves! My husband is routing me on, and is more excited about saving money then I am! Tomorrow is my first Sunday, and I am more then excited to hunt down some coupon inserts!!!

Serious mom points right here!!

Scrap book siccors, tape, and 2 colors of nail polish! Genius!

Only way I will get this hairstyle is if I thought my husband how to french braid!

A honest reason why I must swap out the laundry!