Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flooding Advisory

I'm not sure what woke me up first, two kids and a puppy in my bed, the thunderstorm, or my phone going off warning me of flooding in the area. Down here in the deep south the heat causes the thunder and lightening to be the loudest I have ever heard! My whole house rattles, my windows shake, and electricity flickers. At the most intense moments there is hardly a minute between cracks of thunder. After the first 2 hours of non stop frightening weather, we had a break. As the kids and I walked out side to see how much water we had, the rest of the neighborhood was doing the same! Even though we just had a serious storm, it was still in the high 80's outside. Of course my daughter was the first to ask to play in the water ;) Coming from WA, how could I tell her no. Thankfully my neighbors are free spirits also, and let their kids join in. Us moms watched under the protection of the car port, while the girls played in the knee high water. I dont think you could of found happier kids in town at this moment. 

Top Row Left to Right-Elise, Bailey, Parris (my daughter is the one holding the umbrella)
Bottom Row Left to Right-Katelyn and Rylee 

My daughter being the brave one to get soaked first

 My son, the reserved one didnt feel like getting wet and dirty. I love how he took the time to tuck his sweats into his shoes so the bottoms wouldnt get wet ;)

After a couple hours of down pour, our back yard was flooded! 

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