Thursday, June 23, 2011


My first trip of couponing ended up being a complete disaster. Check that mess out here . I was excited to see the last store I was in had the new ice cream bar Magnum. You have probably seen the sexy add with Rachel Bilson stuck in traffic, and running on top of cars to break into a ice cream truck!?!
Lucky me, I had a coupon for this amazing piece of heaven ;) I live in the deep south, and yes, shopping at 1am the air is still very hot and muggy. Even if I wanted to share this treat, it would of been a soupy mess by the time I got home. I enjoyed every bite, and counted as a reward for saving so much money! I got home, and unloaded my bags and called it a night.
My husband took my little car to the store this morning vs his gas guzzling Ford f-250. He walked in with a Magnum wrapper. The first words out of my mouth was, "those are sooo good, I had my first one the other night!". His scowl reminded me I forgot to throw away my wrapper ;)

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