Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Oh No!! I need GROWN UP help!!"

Why do emergencies happen when you just put soap in your hair? I think this is the sign you are now officially an adult or parent! I don't even shower with the door close anymore. Whats the point? I am guaranteed at lease 2-4 interruptions during my 10 minute shower by half the occupants in my house. This would include the husband and our dog!
Thankfully today's 'emergancy' was just a loud washer. The panic in my 6 year old's voice made me think a piped busted and the laundry room was a foot under water! I was even told to hurry up, that it was about to explode.
For the record, the washer was not even off balance ;) the TV was off so Liam was aware of the sounds coming from the laundry room. Maybe tomorrow I will get time to shave?

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